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Finding a hobby or a new interest is simple enough. Sometimes, these things just jump up at us from within. Sometimes they just pop in our lives and we end up falling for it. However, one of the harder things to do is to find someone who shares the same interests with you.

Case in point is with BDSM. Currently, BDSM is still seen as sort of a taboo in our society. Some people find that even uttering the fact that you are in to BDSM is tantamount to a curt handshake and a goodbye.

You don’t have to worry though. There are currently a ton of dating sites out there right now that you can use to find your BDSM counterpart. Let’s take a look at several recommended sites you can use for BDSM dating.

BDSM Singles

The first dating site we’ll be looking at is called BDSM Singles. This website is something much like OK Cupid. It is a free dating site where you are able to look at people who share your interests. Browsing is free!

However, the messaging feature does require a paid membership. While this may initially feel like a problem, there are some good sides to it to. For one, it allows to bar off any people who aren’t seriously looking for a BDSM match.

This is also a good thing for the demographic of the site. Due to the pay wall, the number of fake and insincere guys trying to message girls is lessened. The ratio is reported to be one guy for three girls. The age of the site’s constituents hovers from somewhere around 35 to 54.


Next up we have Fetster. This site is more than just a dating site. It is also a community of people who are all interested in BDSM. The community centers on education and guidance for members. The best thing is it is all free.