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3 Great Lingerie Brands to Buy From

Lingerie is important in a couple’s sex life. There are many benefits that women feel when they wear it. First of all, it allows them to feel sexually attractive. It brings excitement to themselves and allows them to feel more appealing that way.

It also helps to empower women by making them feel more feminine. In addition, they feel good when their partner’s attention is solely on them. It also provides for some extra fireworks in the bedroom.

There are so many lingerie brands that women can try. Moving away from the commonly known Victoria’s Secret, let’s look at several great brands and companies that they should be looking at.


First of all, we have Zivame. Set up in 2011, Zivame was founded by Richa Kar. Its focused market is solely on Indian women.

It initially started as a company that got lingerie and other underwear items from different companies, but then split off to make its own name. Literally everything that an Indian woman can need for those intimate moments. These include bras, panties, lingerie, sexual accessories, and more.

Apart from giving Indian women the variety of options that they need, it also aims to let them know how important a fit bra is.

Bare Necessities

Next up, Angelsin would like to introduce Bare Necessities. The company is about 25 years old, which speaks to the success and quality of their wares. It has aimed to provide relevant nightwear to both men and women. It also offers these items to people of all shapes and sizes.

The good thing about Bare Necessities is that the items are durable and will often last a long time. Moreover though, it fits quite well and is very comfortable to a wearer’s skin.

This brand has online stores that you can frequent now. These sites have pieces of advice that will help you understand what you will look like and what you would like based on your preferences.


Finally, we have Triumph. It is known as one of the oldest – if not the oldest – lingerie brand and company in the world. It started in Germany, way back in the 1860s.

Triumph was the innovators of lingerie. As the years went by, they continued to innovate and evolve with the needs of women. Their catalogue includes nightwear, lingerie, swimwear, corsets, and much more. It is a great place to see whatever you may need.

These are only a few of the great lingerie brands you should consider. We hope you find a brand that fits to your liking.

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