Best Adult Sex Blogs

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The topics of pleasure and sex are a very wide topic. Sure, there is an understanding of sex that can be explained and disseminated to all. However, sex and pleasure – especially on the physical spectrum – are subjective in nature.

People feel pleasure in many different ways. They prefer to feel pleasure in a variety of ways. One good way to find out about these different facets, aspects, and possibilities is by checking out the many different blogs made for these topics.

Let’s take a look at several of the best adult sex blogs.

Oh Joy Sex Toy

The first blog we’ll be looking at is called Oh Joy Sex Toy. This website offers weekly blogs and articles on sex information. One of its main focuses is sex toys. However, there is something to say for the depth of the topics that they cover.

They do cover general sex queries and musings. These include sex positions, preferences, and even stories. They also cover the best sex toys that people can use and enjoy. Apart from these though, the authors cover wholesome topics such as birth control, even couple workshops, and interviews with camgirls.

Probably the best, unique, and enjoyable thing about the Oh Joy Sex Toy blog is how they relay their content. Most blogs just write about their topics. They can add pictures and even videos to try and spice things up.

This blog though turns to web comics. It is an interesting and enjoyable medium. Its light art style invites people in to read the sensitive and personal content in a lighthearted and fun way. The designing also helps in illustrating certain sensitive content.

Sex and Psychology

Next up we have Sex and Psychology. It is primarily a blog that offers sex advice and points you towards the psychological underpinnings and understandings of sex for a human being.

Most of the articles on the blog talk about the sexual health of person, how sex affects a person’s health and wellbeing, and even the contributions and needs of romance in a relationship.