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3 Great Lingerie Brands to Buy From

3 Great Lingerie Brands to Buy From - 3 Great Lingerie Brands to Buy From

Lingerie is important in a couple’s sex life. There are many benefits that women feel when they wear it. First of all, it allows them to feel sexually attractive. It brings excitement to themselves and allows them to feel more appealing that way.

It also helps to empower women by making them feel more feminine. In addition, they feel good when their partner’s attention is solely on them. It also provides for some extra fireworks in the bedroom.

There are so many lingerie brands that women can try. Moving away from the commonly known Victoria’s Secret, let’s look at several great brands and companies that they should be looking at.


First of all, we have Zivame. Set up in 2011, Zivame was founded by Richa Kar. Its focused market is solely on Indian women.

It initially started as a company that got lingerie and other underwear items from different companies, but then split off to make its own name. Literally everything that an Indian woman can need for those intimate moments. These include bras, panties, lingerie, sexual accessories, and more.

Apart from giving Indian women the variety of options that they need, it also aims to let them know how important a fit bra is.

Bare Necessities

Next up, Angelsin would like to introduce Bare Necessities. The company is about 25 years old, which speaks to the success and quality of their wares. It has aimed to provide relevant nightwear to both men and women. It also offers these items to people of all shapes and sizes.

The good thing about Bare Necessities is that the items are durable and will often last a long time. Moreover though, it fits quite well and is very comfortable to a wearer’s skin.

This brand has online stores that you can frequent now. These sites have pieces of advice that will help you understand what you will look like and what you would like based on your preferences.


Finally, we have Triumph. It is known as one of the oldest – if not the oldest – lingerie brand and company in the world. It started in Germany, way back in the 1860s.

Triumph was the innovators of lingerie. As the years went by, they continued to innovate and evolve with the needs of women. Their catalogue includes nightwear, lingerie, swimwear, corsets, and much more. It is a great place to see whatever you may need.

These are only a few of the great lingerie brands you should consider. We hope you find a brand that fits to your liking.

4 Games for More Sexual Enjoyment

4 Games for More Sexual Enjoyment - 4 Games for More Sexual Enjoyment

Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever had a sexual or life partner? At the start, you two were inseparable. There was fire between you two. The bedroom was a place that you both thought of fondly.

However, as time went by, the only thing that remained were the sparks from the embers, gasping for its last life. Your once smoldering sexual encounters are now laid cold and bland.

This often happens to people who have been together for quite a while. Their sexual encounters become routine. And routine can quickly kill enjoyment. It isn’t to say that routine is necessarily a bad thing, but once in a while, it is always good to mix things up.

Worry not, faithful readers. The Angelsin team has just the thing for you. We have a great list of games that you can use in your bedroom to rekindle your sexual enjoyment with one another.

Random Role Play

mask 875534 960 720 - 4 Games for More Sexual Enjoyment

The first game we’ll be looking at is called random role play. In order to play this, all you need to do is have a big bag of costumes and or props from different professions or roles. For these roles, think corny stereotypes you usually find in pornography.

Thus, these can include a fireman’s hat, a police man’s hat and badge, a feather duster that a maid usually uses, and perhaps glasses and a ruler that a teacher use.

So to play this game, all you need to do is take turns pulling out an outfit or props from the bag. Then, whatever you pull out, you have to act whatever the role is in a very sexual manner.

Introducing roleplay into the bedroom is a good way to mix up your standard routine. This is one good way to go about that. However, if your partner already has a specific roleplay kink in mind, perhaps it is better to play to that instead.

Sexual Twister

Next up we have sexual twister. It is like the beloved game where you place your body parts on specific colors. The catch? Both you and your partner are naked. See what kind of situations you and your partner can get yourselves into and see how it goes from there.

Time Elapsed

hourglass 620397 960 720 - 4 Games for More Sexual Enjoyment
For time elapsed, all you need is a timer and a few cards or pieces of paper where you can write times on it. These can include times like 20 minutes, 30 minutes, all the way up to 60 minutes if you’d like.

At the start of your session, draw a card or a piece of paper. Set the time with regards to what you have drawn. The object is to tease each other for that amount of time. You guys can’t have sex until the time has elapsed.

Silence Speaks Volumes

pexels photo 413727 - 4 Games for More Sexual Enjoyment
The final game we have is Silence Speaks Volumes. For this, cover your partner’s eyes and mouth. In the bedroom, it is your job to tease and ravish your partner. Let his or her signals be your guide, and see where your sexual adventures take you.

These are only a few sexual games you can enjoy in the bedroom. Sexual enjoyment is an important factor for couples and partners. Be sure to keep it spiced up and it may pay dividends in the long run.

3 of the Best Toys to Use During Bondage

3 of the Best Toys to Use During Bondage - 3 of the Best Toys to Use During Bondage

In Angelsin’s previous article, we spoke about several beginner bondage terms that should be learned before starting. Again, safety is one of the most important things to consider when going in for bondage play with your partner.

You have to learn about the different types of bondage practices, how they work, and the intricacies of the bondage and BDSM acts.

When you have the appropriate knowledge and experience though, it is now time to enjoy it. In order to increase the enjoyment of you and your partner, you should consider the toys that are listed below. Toys in bondage serve to enhance the enjoyment and experience.

Let’s take a look at three toys you should consider and use in bondage.

Fetish Fantasy Bondage Swing

The first toy we’ll be looking at is called the Fetish Fantasy Bondage Swing. Sex swings are one item that are quite common in bondage. It was initially designed to allow for more enjoyment during intercourse, as well as an easier time. A variety of different sex positions can be achieved with this tool.

In BDSM, with your partner immobilized, a sex swing can make things easier for both of you. This sex swing likens itself to having sex on a spaceship. This means that it feels like your partner is flying.

This sex swing is bolted to the ceiling. It is quite easy to set up and assemble. It is also good for any and every sex position possible, even zero gravity sex. It is easily adjustable and it also includes cuffs for the wrists and ankles to supplement your bondage experience.

An additional note is that it is can accommodate heavy duty loads. Completely safe and fun, it is a great tool to have for not only your bondage experiences, but for normal sexual encounters as well.

Vibrator Wands

Next up, we have vibrator wands, specifically the Zeus Electrosex Arcana Electro one. We spoke previously of some of the best vibrators to use. One of them was the vibrator wand.

The vibrator wand is one of the best vibrators out there. It is incredibly powerful and is capable of doling out pleasure for long and multiple occasions.

For bondage and BDSM, these vibrator wands can be used to tease your partner. Couple that with the power of the vibrator wand and your partner will be yearning to get out of his or her restraints just to feel some more of that pleasure.

This specific wand has five levels of vibration intensities, so you can customize your pleasure experience.

Restraint System

Finally, we have the Sportsheets Under the Bed Restraint System. It contains a collection of cuffs that you and your partner can use for all of your bondage and BDSM activities. It is extremely easy to set up and will last for a long time. You won’t need to worry about taking it easy.

This restraint system is easy to carry around and can easily be hidden under the bed.

This is a great tool for beginners.

These are only a few of the best toys for bondage practitioners. We hope you find the toys and tools that are the best for you and your partner.

Top 2 Bondage Terms You Should Learn

Top 2 Bondage Terms You Should Learn - Top 2 Bondage Terms You Should Learn

As with any sexual kink or interest, people naturally feel these things within them. They are innate interests that people can’t explain how or why they like it. This applies to bondage.

There are some people out there who do feel the need to have that dominating and submissive relationship with somebody. Or, people can have a strong yearning to tie someone up.

While these feelings are quite raw, natural, and powerful, the fact is that bondage and BDSM is one sexual activity that requires a lot of knowledge and discipline.

Let’s take a look at some basic bondage and BDSM terms that you need to learn before starting.

Sex Restraint

When tying up people during sex, there are a lot of tools you can use. You have full rope suspensions and even ropes. Ropes are sort of standard to this activity.

However, for those who aren’t too much into the standards and want something a little less intense, you will probably gravitate towards sex restraints more.

For sex restraint bondage types, you can use other sort of tools such as silk scarves and even metal handcuffs. The point of these restraints is to prevent your partner from moving. It is to just keep the immobile while you either torment, torture, tease, and please your partner.

The Safeword or Gesture

Next up we have the safeword or gesture. Bondage and BDSM can go to such extremes. When it does, your partner may be pushed to his or her limits. So much so that they may want to stop the activity as they can’t handle it. We know this is the point of bondage and BDSM, but sometimes it happens.

Before this ever happens, you need to sit down with your partner and plan on using a safeword or gesture. This word or gesture comes out when they want it to stop or if they believe that the physical harm is too much. This is usually uttered by the bottom.

The Angelsin team believes that this is the most important term you should know and plan for.

Despite that though, the top should not just rely on what the bottom says or indicated. It is always the best practice to be alert during play and see the warning signs such as discoloration of skin or other such signs.

These are only a couple of bondage terms you need to learn before starting. Have safety as your first priority always.

2 of the Best Vibrators

2 of the Best Vibrators - 2 of the Best Vibrators

A vibrator is a very personal thing. Not to worry though, the Angelsin team has your back. We don’t see vibrators as something to be ashamed of. You are entitled to your own pleasure, and a vibrator is one way to do such.

A vibrator could play an integral part of your life. Using vibrators have a great number of benefits to your life. For one, it is easier to orgasm. Majority of women aged 28 have not experienced an orgasm.

There are many different types of vibrators out there right now. These variants will coincide to how you want to feel your pleasure. These are also great ideas as gifts for your loved ones.

Using a vibrator may also help bring life back to a woman’s vagina. This helps do away with dryness and tightness. These are only a few reasons, but there are more.

We’ll discuss a couple of vibrators and vibrator types that are the best for you.

Hitachi Magic Wand

First of all, we have the Hitachi Magic Wand. Like its name suggests, it is a big and bulky thing that is shaped like a wand. It certainly isn’t the most convenient thing to bring around, but it makes up for it with its raw power and enjoyment-inducing ways.

The Hitachi Magic Wand is sort of a no nonsense type of vibrator. No frills. No designs. It just is. It looks like a giant microphone, and the head vibrates like crazy. Reviews state that it is so good that it can induce multiple orgasm. Quite simply, it does what it is supposed to do.

For some extra cash, you can spend for the speed controller.

Power Toyfriend

Next up we have the Power Toyfriend. This vibrator is quite affordable. Its size is not as big as the Hitachi Magic Wand. However, this means that it is also not as powerful as the Hitachi. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes, too much power is bad.

The Power Toyfriend has a long battery life that will last for about two hours. It is also amazingly quiet.

These are only a couple of the best vibrator types you can purchase. The important thing is you find one that will work for you.